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Unlock PDF Protection to Unsecure Locked PDF Documents

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Smartly Unlock Protected PDF Files in Easy Process!

Do you want to get answers to your queries like:

  • How to unsecure locked PDF?
  • How to unprotect locked PDF?
  • How to unlock protected PDF Documents?
  • How to remove owner password from PDF?
  • How to remove PDF protection from locked PDF?

"Locking a PDF document is the best way to protect it from unauthorized intrusion. A PDF file can be locked by using the User Password to permit only authorized users to open it or it can be secured by applying Owner Password to stop users from copying, editing, modifying, printing with permission. We usually remember user password because we frequently need it to open the PDF files, but forget the owner password because we hardly use it to remove restrictions from PDF (and doesn’t even bother to save it for future use). However, there are many situations where we need to make some changes or copy some text from the PDF file, but can’t do so because of the restriction password. And this can be a troublesome situation, where you can’t reuse your PDF files due to the PDF restrictions applied by you. What will you do in such a situation?"

To use your PDF file for copying, editing, modifying or printing functions, you have to unlock protected PDF documents from all restrictions. And to unlock PDF protection from secured PDF files, you need a professional PDF Unlock tool. PDF Unlocker @ PDF1.org is the only software that has the capabilities to unprotect locked PDF files and documents. The software is a smart tool that helps you remove owner password from protected PDF files and enable PDF copying, editing, modifying, printing rights and permissions.

The Unlock PDF software unlock PDF securities and restrictions from protected PDF files in limited time frame as it provides very few and simple steps which makes the process of unlocking PDF files a fast process. During the whole process of unlocking PDF protection, the PDF Unlock tool saves the original formatting of the PDF file like fonts, text style, colors, images, hyperlinks, signatures and so on. Using this software, you can easily remove PDF security from unlimited PDF files in single go as batch process.

Prominent Features : Unlock Protected PDF

What makes PDF Unlocker a really wonderful and useful utility is the fact that it compiles an array of powerful features like –

  • Remove PDF restriction and enable users to copy, edit, print, modify, extract PDF files.
  • Unlock PDF protection from multiple PDF files in very less time, in batch mode.
  • Provides easy and simple instructions to helps users unlock protected PDF without any external help.
  • Keeps the original formatting of the PDF files intact by saving the correct formatting like fonts, text style, colors, hyperlinks, signatures, images etc.
  • Available at an affordable price of $9. Moreover, demo version is also there to help users clear their doubts before purchasing.
  • No need for installation of any other software to unsecure locked PDF with PDF Unlcoker.
  • Supports all PDF.1 to 1.1 to 1.5, including 40-bit RC4 decryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption and also supports all Adobe Reader versions upto 9.
  • PDF Unlocker is compatible with all Windows versions 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, 98, 95.

The Unlock PDF tool is affordable and 2-in-1 utility that provides users with the option to lock and unlock PDF files. Yes it’s true. Using the same PDF Unlock tool, you can easily lock your PDF document to restrict others from accessing it without your permission. You can apply owner password, user password or both passwords to secure your multiple PDF files in instant go.

Avail Free Demo to Unlock Protected PDF

Download demo version of PDF Unlocker and clear all your doubts regarding how to unprotect locked PDF and remove PDF printing, copying, editing restrictions from 2 pages of the locked PDF document. After completely satisfied with the demo version, and to unlock protected PDF of more than 2 pages, purchase the licensed copy of the software @ $9.

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